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underdogbassist's Journal

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This community was created for appreciation for bassists. Too often, they're overlooked because fans pay more attention to the guitarist/front man of a band. Well, no more of that in this community. Bassists are the ones who rock our socks off in here!

Here is a (working) list of bassists who are under-appreciated, yet very useful:

Rosie Martin (treble charger)
Alex Lewis (formerly Same Difference and Yellowcard)
Dirk Lance (formerly Incubus)
John Entwhistle (The Who [R.I.P.])
Mark Hoppus (Blink 182)

The list doesn't have to be finished there, if you have any suggestions, the list will go on!

[The community is managed by Kai (snooze) and Nikki (sunuvabeach)]

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